Our production area is Panzano in Chianti and Florence: two different terroirs with diverse soil type but having some characteristics in common such as the south-facing exposure. Thanks to hand-picking and hand-processing techniques, we are able to select only the best grapes. The perfect balance between tradition and modernity is the pillar of our success.

The territory of Panzano.

Panzano’s soil type is medium mix, rich in marl and well-drained allowing the vines to absorb the soil’s minerals and transfer the terroir’s characteristics to the wine.

The territory of Florence.

Florence is a territory rich in traditions, Florence is where we embarked on our most ambitious challenge: creating a modern vineyard focused on quality, the key word of our whole activity. Qualities of the soil are also responsible for the wine’s quality: Florence’s soil, with such a high clay content, produces grapes rich in tannins and poliphenols.