Premier vin pomace yields Tenuta degli Dei grappa.

The first edition of Grappa Tenuta degli Dei issues from the noblest of fresh grape pomace, gently pressed in order to preserve the full fragrance of the Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Petit Verdot grapes that yield it.
Following the 2009 harvest we sent this precious pomace to la Valdotaine Distillery, entrusting them with the responsibility of transforming the refined aromas, superb balance, and self-confident flavours of our pomace in this product. After distillation, the grappa remained in steel for 6 months, and then matured in the same oak barriques that were earlier used for Tenuta degli Dei’s Cavalli.
This grappa stands out for its distinctive notes of hazelnut, black pepper, and elderflower, enriched with smooth hints of vanilla and tobacco leaf. With its 43% alcohol, it is emphatic on the palate, its complex flavours fully echoing the generous aromas.
A long-lingering finish conveys luscious notes of blossoms, toasty oak, and honey.
Grappa Degli Dei is available beginning in October, in just 1,500 half-litre (0.50l) bottles, each in its own wooden box.

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